The WEICHERT® Difference

Has your current home gotten too small for your growing family? Or is it maybe too big now that the children have all grown up and moved out? Or maybe you have decided that it is time to sell the investment property that you bought years ago to ensure that you would be able to retire early and in style. Whatever the reason is for deciding to sell, if you are looking for a real estate firm that is both professional and efficient then the Sales Professionals at Saralyn McIver are the best choice for you.

As an Realtor of WEICHERT, REALTORS® – Wayne Murray Properties they are bringing over 4 decades of experience in the real estate market direct to your door. The fact that they have grown from a single office into one of the nation’s leading Realty Firms means that they truly do know what they are doing and there is not much that they have never dealt with or seen before.

The WEICHERT® Difference, or should we rather say differences, are very real and provide tangible results which is most easily evidenced by how quickly they sell a home once it is listed. There are six things which the professionals at Saralyn McIver can use to make a difference in the selling of your home.

#1: Dynamic Marketing
When looking for a real estate firm to handle the selling of your property, each firm that you contact will have to sell themselves to you by showing you how they plan to go about selling your home. This is why we offer a complimentary marketing presentation customized to your particular home, which will detail all that we plan to do in order to attract buyers to your home. We do not rely on our trusted name and well-known yellow signs alone, we also reach out through advertising, direct mail and neighbourhood calling. There is also our unique online approach which benefits all of our customers.

#2: Online Strategy
The majority of those looking to buy a home are using the internet in order to search for their ideal property, which is why we make certain that the right buyers have easy access to your internet listing. Our unique “Quick Connect” service links buyers who express interest in your home directly with a Sales Associate who can supply more details and quickly set up an appointment to show your home. What’s more, we’ll automatically notify everyone whose search criteria match your home. We’ll even give your home additional exposure on other leading sites, including, yahoo real estate,, and

#3: Strategic Pricing 
Unlike other real estate companies that use a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), we’ve invented our own exclusive method called the WEICHERT® Price Trend Analysis. By projecting local trends, it helps us go beyond the CMA in order to suggest a price that reflects your home’s true market value.

#4: Open House Program
No other real estate company is as committed to Open Houses. Saralyn McIver will be happy to tell you about everything that goes into making the most of an Open House – from attracting attention beforehand to providing more assistance to everyone who attends to following up with all interested prospects directly afterward.

#5: Teamwork
We work closely with a Gold Services Mortgage Partner who is a financial expert. He or she makes sure we highlight your home’s affordability, then works to qualify buyers and to provide them with the financing they need to purchase your home.

#6: Neighborhood Specialists
WEICHERT® Sales Associates are the best and most thoroughly trained in the industry. We use our in-depth knowledge of your neighborhood to bring your home to the attention of the people most likely to buy it. And as Sara McIver is a Texan, born and raised, she knows the state and she knows real estate!