Moving to Houston?

Moving to a new city can sometimes seem like moving to a new country, things that are commonplace in your new town may be something which you have never heard of and you will need to learn from scratch everything about living your normal everyday life, such as where to do your shopping or which schools to send your kids to. This guide covers the basics of what people moving to Houston should know and is a great starting point to learning about your possible new home.Houston_Map

The climate in Houston is humid and subtropical. That pretty much translates into it being hot. Very hot. With the lowest winter temperatures averaging between 40°F and 50°F you may want to stock up on the sunscreen, make sure that your new home has an excellent air conditioner and read up on dealing with sunstroke. The negative aspects of the climate here is that one can expect both thunderstorms and tornadoes all year, also the excess winter rains tend to trigger their fair share of flooding.

If technology and science are your thing then you may be interested in the NASA/Clear Lake area which is home to the Houston Space Center and is located about 25 miles south of the downtown area. We are home to at least 18 Fortune 500 companies and are also where many of the world’s leading oil and energy companies have their headquarters. The Texas Skyline_HoustonMedical Center which is the largest medical center in the world is also located here in Houston so no matter what your dream career is, you have a good chance of finding it here.  With over 10 universities our city is very much a student’s haven and many of our schools set the benchmark in education.

Of the ten most populated metropolitan cities in the nation, Houston has the most affordable housing. Yet one more reason to choose Houston as your new hometown. The average rent for a one bedroom is approximately $600 and $800 for a two bedroom. The average price for a 2 or 3 bedroom home tends to hover around the $2000.00 mark. Texas is one of the 10 states in the nation that do not impose a state income tax which may offer a huge relief in your monthly bills. However they do impose a property and sales tax. The flat rate for sales tax is 6.25% but that increases to 8.25% once local surtaxes are included.

At the end of a long day of working hard to make money to pay your bills you may want to spoil yourself with an evening out on the town or a day doing one of the activities which you most enjoy, whether it is outdoor sports, a picnic in the park or shopping till you drop. The Houston Theatre District is on a par with that of New York, the Museum District attracts around 7 million visitors a year and is home to many art centers, there are reportedly more than 11,000 restuarants in Houston and the night life is an eclectic mix which never fails to amaze. There is also the Livestock Show and Rodeo which is the largest rodeo in the world and attracts 1.8 million visitors.

When relocating it is a good idea to speak to a specialist who can help you with everything you need to know to get you and your family from where you live now to where you want to be. They will be able to tell you which neighbourhoods would best suit your budget, your access to the amenities necessary to you and pretty much everything else that you may need to know about relocating to Houston.