Moving to Houston?

It seems that everyone is packing up and moving to Texas, in fact Houston was named Americas Next Great Global City and the Coolest Place to Live by Forbes Magazine. You may be asking yourself why The Lone Star State is suddenly one of the most popular places to live in America, but according to one article in the Times magazine Texas is the future of America. It has a strong economy, the housing market is budget friendly and no matter what your career is you are bound to find an opportunity which is perfect for you.

Texas is the fastest growing state in America with Austin, Dallas and Houston being three of the top five fastest growing cities in the nation. According to the US Census Bureau a total of 106,000 Americans relocated to Texas from the other 49 states. In fact the Sunshine State of California has contributed over 4 million new residents over the past two decades.

Land in Texas is cheap, and it is far bigger than what the other states have to offer. The cost of a home in Brooklyn can easily be more than half a million dollars and would most likely be an apartment or condo. A home in Texas, which is most often a standalone dwelling with seamlessly operating air conditioning and is a much newer structure than those in Brooklyn costs less than $150,000. Quite a huge difference in pricing don’t you think?

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