Whats the Attraction to those Moving to Houston and Texas?

Its simple  land in Texas is cheap, and it is far bigger than what the other states have to offer. The cost of a home in Brooklyn can easily be more than half a million dollars and would most likely be an apartment or condo. A home in Texas, which is most often a standalone dwelling with seamlessly operating air conditioning and is a much newer structure than those in Brooklyn costs less than $150,000. Quite a huge difference in pricing don’t you think?

The cost of living in general is much lower than that of other states. The per capita income, adjusted for the cost of living is higher than that of California and is in fact quite close to that of New York by the same measure. Once you factor in both local and state taxes, the per capita income of Texas is far more than that of New York. According to the Money Rates website which ranks states based on their average income while factoring in taxes and cost of living, ranks Texas third in the nation while New York is ranked 36th in the nation.

Texas has far more jobs than most of the other states and from 2002 to 2011 was responsible for almost one third of the country’s highest paying jobs. There is no income tax here in Texas. On average the state of Texas collects an overall amount of $3,500 per resident for the entire year, in New York this amount is a staggering $7,400 per resident – more than double!

The Lone Star State is of course the home of the cowboy and many of those moving to Texas are adopting their mentality and life style. By adopting a much simpler way of life they are able to live a fairly decent life with a salary that is comparable to the income of today’s lower middle class. Working so hard to make a success of your career will no longer be so important because it wouldn’t be necessary to living a good life.

If you are moving to Houston expect a sprawling, and by sprawling I mean that it is very, very large, city that seems to have little or no planning behind its layout. It is the only major American city that doesn’t have land-use zoning laws. What this means for those that don’t know is that a person can build anything anywhere that they would like to. Although some areas tend to lean more towards one type of establishment than any other it would not be unusual to find a high class eating establishment next door to a mom and pop gun shop which is across the way from a taxidermy and down the road from the neighborhood high school.